Burungo.com is recruiting motivated agents in Kenya and USA. Do you have what it takes to become a shipping agent? Do you have ability to convince customers to buy anything they want from USA and help them connect to world largest and best retailers? We are looking for a few motivated agents in all major cities to become agents.

How it works:

We realize this is a big business opportunity with potential of making millions but strict qualifications must be met

  • You recruit your own customers and you bill them at a your own price per Kilo or pound.
  • Burungo.com has special prices set for agents and you will be able to see your profit margins in real time.
  • All billing is done by Burungo.com, or you can bill your clients and pay shipping invoices to burungo at discounted prices
  • Burungo will handle all the delivery work for you.
  • In cases where purchasing is required, burungo.com will handle your transaction & money transfer issues.
  • You become the preferred logistic specialist for your customers.


Due to high value of merchandise, security deposit is required from every agent. The security deposit is a way of mitigating customer loss from rogue agents. A small fee is due monthly for maintaining warehousing and delivery costs locally in Kenya. Potential agent must have an existing credible business. Registered cargo agents and third party logistics companies (3PL) are invited to apply.

For details, contact us