Talking about the crush had taken away some of its power over me. And it did so each time we chatted about it during coffee–house get–togethers in the weeks that followed, asking tough accountability questions about our hearts and our heads. Just after I recognized these feelings, it felt as though I ran into George practically everywhere I went. He was in the cereal aisle during my impromptu grocery store run. He was at the party of a friend I didn’t even know he also knew—with his beautiful wife, of course.


More and more men are choosing to delay marriage. Census records, in 1960, the median age at first marriage for a man was just under 23. This prolonged period of singleness presents a series of challenges for Christian men as they seek to live for the glory of Jesus Christ. Finally, and I”m not trying to dwell on this too much, but non-consensually touching another person in a sexual way is sexual assault in a legal sense.

In some cases the lure of porn and sexual sin will be even greater because you will have more responsibility as a married man. Stress, being tired, and conflict are often triggers for porn use and marriage will have seasons of all of this. If you enter into your marriage with a sexual addiction it will probably get worse once you get married. Christian dating advice for men, just like Christian dating advice for women, must start with the Bible. Dating is not a topic directly covered in the Bible, so Christians will have to take general truths that are in the Bible and apply them to the issues in dating.

Some don’t even draw lines beyond sexual intercourse, inviting singles to think it through and let their consciences guide them in the context of a committed relationship. Not only that, but how often can we create a world in our minds that doesn’t actually exist in real life? We have the tendency to analyze, and over-analyze every word, action, and behavior of the opposite sex trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. These mind games can cause is to make something out of nothing–missing real life for what it actually is. Hours spent picking things apart and reading in between the lines can occupy your thoughts and consume your mind–immersing you in a world of dreaming that prevents you from experiencing real life. So keep your thoughts in check, and your emotions will follow suit.

Don’t mention your sexual past or other women around her unless you’re comfortable doing so. It’s harder to make her stay by your side if you are not honest and wise. Your honesty and wisdom should start with open-mindedness and sincerity in simple things, like your age, weight, or favorite books. Don’t try to conceal your interests and peculiarities even if you find them awkward. That’s how you show your sincerity and wisdom on the first steps of the interaction.

Not only does she need to have all of the virtues listed in the first paragraph, she needs to have them all the time, never stumbling. Kindness, generosity, humility, humor, fortitude, faith and integrity—they’re all fantastic standards to set for a potential partner. Each represents a woman that the groom dated and gave a piece of his heart to, before he had meet his bride.

You can’t pray, read, and worship together 80% of the time. Imagine if someone was trying to be with you and your boyfriend 80% of the time. You should both have 80% of your spiritual time by yourself with God. If you have reservations about the abusive tendencies of your relationship partner, don’t just consider breaking it off.

Prepare yourself now for a godly dating life later. This practice will make you sensitive to the Lord’s leading to one day help you discern who He might have you marry. Reading and memorizing scripture will transform you. You’ll never see yourself more clearly than through the lens of scripture. As you study, ask God to search your heart and reveal to you any areas in your life that He would like to make you more like Christ––before you start dating. We long for a prince charming who will fill all our emotional needs to give us a happy life we think we deserve.

It is easy for people who are dating to be influenced by society on what to do while dating. But here’s the thing the best person to turn to when you want to date and get married is God. The two of you should be honest about your weaknesses and strengths. And then come up with healthy boundaries that will enable you to walk in the ways of God until marriage. This is closely related to choosing obedience over passion.

Since they help you grow as a person, healthy boundaries will enable you to attract better people. This is why we need to establish healthy emotional boundaries in dating that will prevent heartbreaks and help us find the “right person” sooner. According to studies, the power of saying no is an essential part of self-management. So, examples of emotional boundaries include saying no to tasks that you don’t want to do or don’t have the time to do.

Single Christian Dating: One More Tip to Follow

Another double standard I often see amongst Christian men is in the area of “purity.” I don’t have the space in this article to list all the problems I have with the American church’s view of sexual purity. So all I will say here is that many men have made an idol of a woman’s sexual purity. A porn addiction will not go away once the marriage bells ring.

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Depending on your history with dating, it can be tempting to believe that you will naturally jell and encourage one another toward growth. And while that is often true, there will also be moments of misunderstanding, discouragement and confusion. Going in different directions may seem insignificant and easy to ignore in the beginning of a relationship. But as time goes on, those differences can become much more obvious and lead to tension. Before you know it, it’s quite possible you will find yourselves unsure of why you started dating in the first place.

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No woman will be able to love you unless she lets the Lord in her heart. If you know how to love God, you’ll be able to find your perfect match with your heart full of the blessed power. The faith is one, the Lord is unique and baptism is universal for all. You’ll never make a non-believer your soulmate. There’s nothing wrong in being friends with non-believers.

So I turned to the Bible alone and read every verse looking for positive support for romantic, homosexual relationships. Avoid being in conversations or locations where you are connecting with just one other person and sharing deep intimacies. As you seek to develop healthy same gender relationships it is best to develop these relationships in groups.