Today, if those Corelle sets have been handed down to you, you’re probably pondering what they’re worth. Plenty of commerce is now going down on social media. Facebook groups are some of the best places to sell stuff and Facebook folks are known to be homely people. You can join a group for antique collectors and sell your Corningware there. Be aware though that this may cost you or the buyer extra in shipping costs. EBay is one of the hottest places for Corningware now.

#500 dishes sold in 1959 and after in any color or patterns, therefore, should have the later style lids. A listing of patterns by year of introduction can be found here. Promotional patterns may have been available for as little as a holiday season or a year, standard patterns from two years to as long as a decade in a few instances.

The point is, there may be more Corningware in the world than you can imagine. Hence, the rarity of Corningware may not be sufficient for it to be as valuable as some sellers advertise it on eBay. The seller has not specified a shipping method to Germany.

Vintage “Extrem Selten” 3 Quart Spice of Life L’Echalote La Marjolaine Corning Ware Auflaufform

It was not until a few years later that the largest bowl was offered in open stock and also in red. Any 4-quart #404 bowl in a color of other than yellow must therefore be dated no earlier than 1949. The configuration of the backstamp would undergo a few revisions after the introduction of opal glass kitchenware in 1945. The following are general representations of the various backstamps, which may not look exactly the same on all shapes.

If the item originally came with a lid, is it included? If you’re buying in person, run your fingers over the edges, noting any chips. You can also hold it up to the light to check for scratches and hairline cracks. The design of #500 series refrigerator storage dishes’ lids can help determine their age. From 1947 until approximately 1959, the lids’ tops had longitudinal ridges flanking a smooth middle, and had smooth undersides. After 1959, the top surfaces were smooth and the undersides were fluted lengthwise.

You can click through into the sub-pages of each pattern for more information IF a sub-page exists for it. In order to save space, we may not list every single pattern variation for different item types on these pages. Vintage Corningware is only worth as much as anyone is willing to pay for them. This is the honest truth about the worth of most vintage and antique items. A seller might quote a cornflower pattern Corningware for $10, the same one another seller quotes for $500. There have been numerous variations on the Pyrex markings over the years.

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This pattern was created to fill the need of Americans who loved French cooking. This pattern inadvertently came out looking modern. One look at antique Corningware and you’d think it’s just one of the normal glassware. This is why the majority of Corningware on Etsy and eBay was priced as low as $5, not for the lack of actual rarity but for the lack of enough sentimental publicity.

But I did keep a bit for both oven and microwave. I bought a lot of it in the 80s as that’s when I moved out and set up my own kitchen. Pyrex Love is a resource for collectors of vintage pyrex and other glassware.

Perhaps as more time passes, and more Corningware is sold as high as $10,000more collectors will begin to hype the sentiment around the items and we would see a hike in value. By the time the glass had turned milky white from the crystallization he checked and saw the temperature was 900 Fahrenheit. He tried to discard the sample piece of glass but as the tongs brought it out of the furnace it slipped and hit the floor without shattering. Do not be deceived by the value price here, this Corningware is vintage. The price displayed here is that which the seller on eBay puts on it.

Avoid using any kind of abrasive cleaner on the colored or patterned areas. Some folks have been successful removing interior silverware marks with Bar Keepers Friend . Since the Cinderella design pieces were first introduced in 1958, they must all date from then or after. The CG monogram is often mistaken for and referred to by collectors as a dollar sign, albeit a backwards one. A revised backstamp, with PATENTED above PYREX and MAY 27, 1919 below, was used after that date through 1924.

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If you do not see a backstamp on any of the pieces, especially the colored dishes, it doesn’t mean it can’t be Pyrex. Sometimes stamps would wear off in use and cleaning. Check with a local antiques appraiser or expert if you’re unsure about whether your piece is vintage Pyrex. The items are also distinct from others like them because of the patterns and how the company was faithful to them.

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