An analogy with a tender flower would be in order, for she needs a lot of care and attention in order to blossom. I’d never get bored with my ‘love’ life and don’t need to be kept on my toes. Part of the reason I’d love being with him is because he is so in charge and loves to take the lead.

signs a Gemini should avoid (soulmate warning)

Their problem usually shows only through the double set of horns, making them sink too deep into their differences with no apparent reason. Taurus asks, ‘How will this help me achieve my goals in life. ’ while Gemini goes with the moment, never feeling too pressured to stick to a set plan. If Taurus gives in to those Bullish possessive feelings, or if Gemini is aloof and detached , this relationship may suffer.

If he’s not sure how you feel, he’ll get very insecure very quickly. So if your Taurus guy is giving you mixed signals, it’s possible he’s also dealing with his own questions about where you two stand. Jokes aside, every guy handles things differently, cougared and his unique personality type can tell you a lot about what’s really going on. Before you write him off as a flaky loser who doesn’t know how good he has it, let’s see what astrology has to say about why he’s giving mixed signals.

Unveiling the Mysterious Chemistry between Gemini Woman and Libra Man: A Cosmic Love Affair

She’s the definition of a social butterfly and can be flirtatious around her male friends, even if she has no intentions of cheating. This is deeply upsetting to the Taurus man, who might get over-protective and try to limit her social activities. This will definitely not sit well with her and she’ll struggle to understand what the big deal is. The Taurus man will probably be the first to reveal his feelings.

They have a very creative mind and enjoy working with others. In fact, both Gemini and Taurus have many characteristics in common. Two Geminis Together Are SoulmatesThe Taurus and Gemini can have a great relationship. This is a great match if both people are happy in their relationships. This type of relationship will work well because both have different personalities. While Taurus is a fixed earth sign, Gemini is a mutable air sign.

As the only person he reveals his heart to, he expects to see the same from her and can be sorely disappointed. His refusal to compromise on anything he does can be a source of problems for them both. A person’s sun sign isn’t the only determining factor in their compatibility with someone else. Read their birth chart for their other planetary placements to get the full picture.

A Taurus Taurus pairing is one of the strongest you will find. They have the potential to last a lifetime as friends — or lovers. In order for a Taurus Sagittarius relationship to work between these signs, they both need to be honest about their boundaries. They need to respect their partner’s needs, even though they might not fully understand them. Although they have a lot in common, they won’t make a perfect couple.

The duplicity of his nature means that he can just as quickly turn somber, reflective, or even dark in his moods. When a Gemini male is not in the right frame of mind for a frivolous conversation, don’t expect him to put on a fake smile and act silly. The sign of the twins manifests itself in these men with a sometimes confusing back and forth of playfulness and seriousness.

Her idea of experimentation is to cook from a different cuisine, not rush off to buy plane tickets to that country. She loves luxury and comfort, not backpacking in some hostel off the beaten track. They are also impatient, easily bored, fickle, unpredictable, and unreliable. I honestly think roller-skates were invented for Geminis. They just want to whizz about quickly so that they can get to the next place. These guys are intelligent, quick-witted, charming, interesting, and sharp.

How to improve the relationship between Gemini Man and Taurus Woman

He is a man of ideas and does not like to be held back. He thrives on the dual sides of life and can get frustrated by the unmoving, steadfast nature of a Taurus sometimes. He is highly ambitious, and logic tells him that financial success means security. Taurus women are stubborn to no end but love deeply and have a loyalty that can rarely be budged. This stubborn streak can be frustrating but remember that her tenaciousness extends to commitment and protecting the ones she loves.

If someone doesn’t fit the bill, they are moved to the back of the line. However, a Gemini man can have difficulty being faithful. It is not that he will not love his wife or partner, it is just there are so many interesting women out there. Neither sign is very emotional, and their personalities are so different. The problem is that a Taurus woman may have a very hard time holding the attention of a Gemini man. When it comes to relationships, she will consider the practical and financial aspects as much, if not more, than the romantic ones.

I reallyy feel as a Gemini woman that a lot of thesw traits that you protray are true, but to a limit. & I have cooked gourmet meals for a Taurus man….& he had seconds.! Soo…some yes were true which for his part will be aware of. But be careful because if you do that too much he’ll just think you’re dramatic and will walk away. As a side note, he will usually never tell me what to do or how to act by yelling, it’s much more subtle so just listen to your man.

As gemini I don’t make plans, I just get on with my life, so I find this sort of stability in taurus a bit overpowering. He never understood why my interests/moods change all the time and he was hoping all the time that I’d grow up. I have been in a relationship with a Taurus man for five years. In the beginning, it was all roses and love notes and grand gestures of love and affection.